Our cloud-based, plug and play technologies provide fast solutions at low expenditure.

Foyer is hardware agnostic, designed for rapid deployment and instant access across your existing infrastructure. Whilst we aren’t hardware suppliers, we do have a recommended hardware range we can implement to help drive innovative retail initiatives.

Start delivering results straight away.

Foyer surfaces all your existing data in one place so your associates can sell more, more often whilst your customers can enjoy premium store experiences that blend seamlessly with all your touchpoints.

We work with partners across cloud, payments, hardware, eCommerce and more to ensure maximum cost efficiencies and flexibility of our modules.

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How is Foyer installed?

All Foyer modules run on the Foyer player available for Chrome OS, iOS, Android and Windows.
Once the player application is downloaded, installed and run, the new device will present a unique code used to associate the device with your Foyer account.
Once associated all aspects of the devices configuration is managed through the Foyer administration interface - https://admin.foyerlive.com

How does Foyer integrate with existing systems?

The Foyer administration system allows you to enable and configure integrations with your existing systems. 
Simply login to the Foyer administration interface, select ‘Connections’, then authorize the Foyer platform access to your existing systems. 
Once access is granted, various aspects of the integration can be further customized.
Some integrations use real-time API access, and others are periodically polled for the latest information.
Custom integrations are also available - speak to your customer service representative for more information.

Which operating systems are supported by Foyer?

Foyer runs on Chrome OS, iOS, Android and Windows.
A link to download the application for your device’s operating system is available when you log into the Foyer administration interface.

What sort of hardware peripherals are supported by Foyer?

The Foyer player supports a number of different peripherals that allow additional functionality to your selected solutions.


Typical Usage

  • Barcode Scanner
  • QR Code Scanner
  • RFID Reader
  • Product Barcode Lookup
  • Inventory Check
  • Add to Cart
  • View Product
  • Assign to Fitting Room
  • Customer Login

Thermal Printer

  • Appointment Ticket
  • Order Receipt

Card Reader / POS Terminal

  • Capture or Authorize a Payment

Digital Camera / Webcam

  • Digital Mirror
  • Augmented reality solutions
  • Demographics analytics
  • Proximity detection

A solution for every business

Foyer technology accommodates businesses of all sizes and with various aspirations, from enhancing the customer experience through digital to implementing true omnichannel, full-scale connected commerce.


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