A superior shopping experience for a leading Australian fashion retailer

A transformed browsing, trialling and purchasing experience from any device across the store - including the change room.

The Challenge

Foyer and Forever New identified that sales assistants were missing critical opportunities to engage customers during the conversion journey, in particular the change room, where they needed help with product information, sizing and recommendations.

This was made more challenging by the fact that sales assistants were not always able to provide customers with access to the full suite of products, due to inventory being fragmented between stores and eCommerce.

The Solution

Connected Changing Rooms are designed to empower sales assistants to deliver a fast, seamless and more enjoyable experience for customers when trying on items.

At the touch of a button, digital screens enable customers to:

  • Search and request any product in Forever New’s inventory
  • Scan a product for more information and intelligent recommendations
  • Request assistance from staff who receive notifications on their device
  • Track the progress of requests
  • The solution also integrated with Forever New’s existing eCommerce platform, to retrieve real-time product and pricing data, store-specific stock levels, and AI-driven product recommendations.

The Endless Aisle solution incorporates digital touch screens placed in key areas to provide customers with rich product information and the ability to purchase items from Forever New’s entire inventory, even if the particular item isn’t available in-store. The solution is integrated with eCommerce and inventory management systems, to give real-time updates on products available.

Staff and customers can interact with the screens, building deeper connections and increasing overall conversion rates as sales assistants can offer more inventory for customers.

Foyer’s platform provides real time data and analytics to enable the continuous optimisation of the in-store experience. The technology captures new data points and empowers Forever New’s team to analyse key metrics associated with the conversion journey such as:

  • Average duration of customers in change room
  • Average number of items tried on and total value
  • Conversion rate for tried on products
  • Number of fulfilled requests
  • Potential sizing issues for a particular product

These store-of-the-future initiatives are just the beginning of Foyer’s partnership with Forever New, fulfilling their mission to deliver an innovative global retail experience through connected stores. These experiments allow us to collectively measure data to provide a level of customer experience not previously seen in the retail environment and solidifies Forever New as a leader in retail innovation.

"We are incredibly proud to be one of the first Australian fashion retailers to offer this new in-store technology allowing us to provide a seamless shopping experience."



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