There’s no denying that COVID-19 has accelerated the transformation of many retailers’ operations. While these changes are providing important safety measures, they’re also delivering a far better shopping experience, and are likely to play a key role in the buying experience post-pandemic too.

Contactless shopping in particular is sure to become the norm for many retailers who want to build more efficient stores and improve the customer experience. 

In fact, a recent Mastercard poll conducted in the US in the midst of Covid-19 found that 72% of consumers prefer to skip signatures when paying for items, and more than half (51%) of Americans are using some form of contactless payment. 

Offering faster queue times, seamless transactions and zero cash handling, it’s clear that these benefits will remain relevant well beyond the current health crisis. 

Here we take a look at how contactless stores offer benefits to you and your customers beyond COVID-19. 

Frictionless payment

Contactless payment leads to faster transactions and less wait times for customers. Customers can either complete transactions on their own device, or pay via a mobile point of sale, leading to significantly reduced wait times and freed up store associates. Zero cash handling also means there’s no need to worry about safe storage, banking or theft. 

Contactless stores aren't just safer, they're a better experience
Lower fraud rates 

The advancing chip technology present in contactless payment is seeing a reduction in counterfeit and skimming fraud, providing stronger protection than ever for in-person transactions. This gives peace of mind to customers, who can shop with confidence and don’t have to worry about carrying any cash. With nearly 85% of fraud now occurring online, in-person payments are still the safest option.

Opportunity for personalised service 

Contactless shopping opens up opportunities for more personalised service, like clienteling. Readily available staff - who no longer spend time behind the till - can engage with high-value clients, cross-sell and deliver a higher level of service. 

A stepping stone to loyalty 

Keeping up-to-date with payment technology is not just beneficial for the short term, but can help to build customer loyalty. We know that customers who use contactless payment choose to use them as often as possible, and are likely to return to stores that accept this method. 

These are just some of the ways that contactless stores can enhance the shopping experience well beyond Covid-19. Get in touch with us to learn more about contactless shopping, or how connected retail technology can work in your stores.