We understand that you source best in class integrations, products, and features to enhance, package and resell a full service solution to your clients, and we know you have seen the evolution into faster, more elegant, and more intuitive solutions for non-technical end users. 

Become a Foyer Certified Partner and work with us to deliver world-class in store experiences that enhance operations and drive profitability.

Foyer offers Value Added Resellers great margins on our products and services, a manageable collection of modules and solutions with compelling use cases. Our cloud offer requires no inventory holding, and our modules are intuitive, meaning no heavy investment into training your team - our solutions sell themselves.

We ensure that you are highly knowledgeable about Foyer software and modules, with solutions that are fit-for-purpose and customized to your clients' needs.

Provide retailers and dispensaries with efficient, coherent in store solutions with a SaaS that utilizes existing infrastructure.
Transition away from one-time projects that aren’t in step with many of today’s business and into long-term recurring value-added services.
Enjoy high margins on world class solutions for retailers and dispensaries with modules that will save clients time and money and grow your business.
Design an environment for clients where sales can flourish at a recurring revenue stream to you.

Join the retail revolution with other industry innovators

Seamlessly integrate with existing business systems

Foyer's API architecture is designed to integrate with existing business systems such as eCommerce platforms, POS, inventory management and loyalty; while staying extensible for rapid future retail and dispensary innovation.


Be a strategic partner providing world class in store experiences that drive revenue.

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