Most applications are not built to work together and have a low value when used standalone. Foyer, unlike many cloud applications, was built as a high value solution to work with existing systems.

We give you all the tools and knowledge to integrate our SaaS with existing systems, from SMEs to enterprise, with a robust array of customisable solutions designed for fast, efficient deployment.

Foyer runs securely on any device or OS.
Modules that are extensible and customisable to client needs and circumstances.
Ease of Use
Foyer's array of APIs and implementation specifications are intuitive and easy to deploy, with full support from our team,
Share in the commercial value of joint sales success.

Join the retail revolution with other industry innovators

Seamlessly integrate with existing business systems

Foyer's API architecture is designed to integrate with existing business systems such as eCommerce platforms, POS, inventory management and loyalty; while staying extensible for rapid future retail and dispensary innovation.


Connected stores for an omnichannel world.

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