Foyer extends its connectivity to retail loyalty programmes, meaning you can retrieve and redeem customer loyalty information from devices in store.

Build your customer relationships at scale by bringing your loyalty and rewards programs in store. Surface loyalty data at the point of interaction and allow your associates to engage and reward customers better. Track frequency, purchases and overall shopping history - whether it takes place in store, online, or through mobile devices.

Foyer makes it simple to ensure your retention programs are integrated into your stores and your customers normal checkout flow, creating a seamlessly integrated shopping experience.

Stay loyal in store

Drive LTV
Incentivize customers at in store touchpoints
Tangible rewards
Make points earning and redemptions available
Drive new members
Send instant offers and alerts for in store sign ups

A solution for every business

Foyer technology accommodates businesses of all sizes and with various aspirations, from enhancing the customer experience through digital to implementing true omnichannel, full-scale connected commerce.


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