Foyer's API architecture is designed to integrate with existing business systems such as online stores, POS, inventory management and loyalty; while staying extensible for rapid future retail and dispensary innovation.

No matter what your tech stack looks like, Foyer can integrate quickly and efficiently, surfacing all your most important data in store.

All your data in one place

Foyer surfaces all your existing data for greater omnichannel capabilities. Apps, loyalty, social, eCommerce, ERPs or POS - Foyer does it all. By capitalising on your existing infrastructure, your customers can experience your store in ways previously impossible.

Empower your customers with online fulfillment options, true self service, contactless commerce and access to your entire product inventory (even when you can't fit the stock).
Allow associates to serve better with personalised order information, sales history and loyalty information
Drive higher store performance from both a customer experience and labour hour point of view
Built best practices, from microservices to REST APIs to AWS multi-tenancy

Technology Integrations

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