The power of Dynamic Menus with the added ability to order and transact without waiting in line for a more efficient, enjoyable experience.


  • Custom theming including the ability to display campaign content
  • Includes all the features of the Online Ordering system, 
available in-store
  • Designed for self-service with features for assisted selling
  • Detailed product information, benefits and additional 
marketing material
  • Allow customers to check-in for various needs - registration queue, standard customer queue, or notify arrival to pick-up 
an online order
  • Customers can request products be brought to the display by associates (where permissible)
  • Allow customers to request assistance (notifies associate)
  • Cart items can be retrieved / transferred to an associate’s 
device for mobile POS (via the Connected Associate app)

A solution for every business

Foyer technology accommodates businesses of all sizes and with various aspirations, from enhancing the customer experience through digital to implementing true omnichannel, full-scale connected commerce.


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