Appointment Manager drives predictable demand whilst bringing consistent time-based traffic to dispensaries. Customers are notified via text message and are able to ‘self check-in’ via their device or be checked-in via an associate for a seamless experience.


  • Manage and personalise multiple appointment types across multiple stores
  • Ticket high-value members for a premium experience 
  • Support walk-in customers, call aheads or those booking online (via iframe on website)
  • Add status to appointments and modify next customer calls 
  • Associate a specific date and time for an appointment 
  • Configure time-slots on a per-location and/or day of week basis
  • Associated can provide Leave/Cancel/Delay appointment features 
  • Support for in-store queue displays & digital signage
  • Aggregated reporting functionality at store/network/state/ company levels

A solution for every business

Foyer technology accommodates businesses of all sizes and with various aspirations, from enhancing the customer experience through digital to implementing true omnichannel, full-scale connected commerce.


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